Terms & Conditions

Terms of Useage

The acceptance of the terms of use are entered between you and iExpenser, who governs your access to the use of iExpenser website & app including any content and services offered by iExpenser through www.iexpenser.com or app-iexpenser.danyal.dk.
When you sign up to use iExpenser app, you are entitled to use app-iexpenser.danyal.dk to access the app functionality and www.iexpenser.com for helping material & updates.


iExpenser will provide you access to the hosted webapp at secure server along with video help content at Youtube.

Free Service:

Registering an account at iExpenser.com is free of charge, though iExpenser entitled to display third party ads or sending out newsletters about upcoming services or relevant marketing based on your activity (Only if you have subscribed to newsletter). But this does not mean that we are selling your information to third parties, not at all.


Protection of your data and personal information is iExpenser’s first priority.

User Rights:

You being a registered user are subject to access your stored personal information & data under the Terms & Conditions defined above.
You have right to delete your stored data & your profile/account from iExpenser anytime you want. Deleted data or profile will be permanently remove immediately from the iExpenser databases.

Security & Restrictions:

Since app is hosted on secure server and runs under SSL, thats mean all your information will be encrypted through www.iexpenser.com or app-iexpenser.danyal.dk. We maintain technical safeguards for protection, integrity and availability of stored data.


App is totally free to use, and require no credit card or any other payment method. Therefore if you anytime receive any email/sms for payment; claiming being iexpenser, please do write us at info@iexpenser.com and totally ignore that email or message.
If anytime we decide to offer any paid services, you will be informed with in your account panel, on our website or via email only from iexpenser.com.